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or, an Occurrance at Central Square Station

This is the Main Wiki Page for Last Stop, which isn't actually an Alleged Entertainment Game.

People who aren't writing the game, or who haven't played yet shouldn't read the information stored on this page.

Rewrite Info

Initial Notes - 1/6-1/7 - raw text, no formatting - SPOILERIFIC like whoa, really don't read this unless you've played already or are Sheena.

Game Info

Last Stop Character Hints

Last Stop Character Connections

Last Stop Game Timeline

Last Stop To Do

Delgado Murder bluesheet


Darren Gregory, the dude.

Jessica Hawthorne, the ex

Scott Barrister, the new boyfriend

Laura Dalton, the best friend

Colt Carson, the detective

Madame Zostra, Edna Finkelstein, the medium

William Hughes, the writer

Shannon Gregory, the sister

Clarissa Wright, the suicide

Winifred Matthews, the criminal

Mike Jones, the Rock Star

Patrick Doyle, the cop

Frances Zabrensky, the interviewee

Solomon Gold, the exec

Henry Frasier, the homeless guy

Terry Shipton, the conductor

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