Foul Play at the Double Y

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GM Note: I would actually like to call this game, "We Arr What We Arr," but I don't know if renaming this page would lose all our data, so I won't do it yet. - S.R.G.


Rules Sheets

Races / Classes

While all of these may (or will, if we choose to use them) exist in game, racial or class oddities are generally not public information at the beginning of the game. This is to allow for regular do-it-until-it's-not-funny-anymore-and-past-until-its-funny-again reveal that pretty much everyone on the ship is some sort of supernatural creature or elsewise has special abilities. While characters may be written to believe they are the "last of their kind," they will not be expressly written to either hide the information or make it obvious initially. The hope (read: Sami's hope) is that more or less everyone will find out about one another by the end of the game and it will break the host's brain in fun ways.


Character Sheet Template

Modular Character Sheets



GM Notes


People who can be counted upon to play

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