The Last Seder

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The Book

TLS Book Planning

World History

Last Seder Timeline

Last Seder World Bluesheet - Ready for checking

MAGE bluesheet - MAGE bluesheet F - MAGE bluesheet S

Cast of Characters


Character Hints

Friday Festival Cast

Saturday Festival Cast

M.A.G.E. (Moving Against Global Exploitation) Institute

  • Group 1: Vito
  • Group 2: Susan
  • Group 3: Josh
  • Group 4: Nat

Meeting Quotes

  • Susan: "So Jesus will have in her Hagaddah..."
  • Susan: "No, we don't want to bring someone back from the dead - that's messy."
  • Nat: "Jesus comes back from the future with drugs." Vito (smarmy voice): "Here, lemme give ya some drugs!"
  • Susan: "Association!" Everyone else: "It can't be a Society Assiociation!"
  • Vito: "No cargo ship cults, please."
  • Sheena (imitating Jesus): "Let me tell you... why I brought you all here."
  • Nat: "We already have this love triangle with Jesus..."
  • Nat: "Being a revolutionary is like being a centrist in this group."
  • Josh: "Who's John again?" Susan: "John is the gay English teacher."
  • Josh: "Mob... future... it's all the same."
  • Vito: "Senator McMillan is just... firm."
  • Susan: "[Matthew] is not broken."
  • Susan: "Movement institute. It's not quite as bad as a society assiciation."
  • Nat: "I think Jesus has yet to be nailed."

The Hagaddah

Order of the Game - Including links to the mini-LARPS

Rewrite/tweak notes

IRC Conversation with Sami

Summary of Commentary

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