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The old house on the hill has been abandoned for as long as anyone in town can remember. Even the bravest kids never go past the front porch, and many adults nod their heads and say there just may be something to those old rumors.

Your visit here is no coincidence. Led by Professor Rhinehardt, your group of six adventurers is set on finding out what lurks within these deserted walls. Whether you're an experienced explorer or a complete novice, you're sure you can get to the bottom of the mystery. Once the door slams shut behind you and will not budge, you realize you may not have much choice. Maybe if everyone splits up and looks around, someone will find a clue, or at least a telephone or another way out.

But the old stories are true. Something lurks in the depths of the house -- something evil. What you don't yet know is, one of your fellow explorers is already infected with the house’s taint. Soon, that presence will be uncovered, the mask of humanity will be stripped away, and everyone will see the true extent of the horror they must face.

The Haunt is a modern day adventure / horror LARP variant of the critically acclaimed board game by Bruce Glassco, Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Genre: Adventure / Horror

Author(s): Sami Genstein and Josh Rachlin


Game Length: Up to 4 hours

Player Counts: 6 (3 female, 3 male)

Previous Runs: None yet.




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Game Restrictions

Potentially Offensive Elements: collaborative game environment becomes competitive game environment, potential content involving violent or heinous acts, supernatural references to religion (e.g.: demons)

Elements For Non-Minors Only (illegal for people under 18):

Physical Restrictions:

Space Requirements: One large room approximately 2000 square feet in size, in order to demarcate up to 25 5' by 5' "rooms" per floor, as well as a 10' by 30' main hall.

Note: If you don't want to be spoilered for what little there is to be spoilered for in the game, don't go any further than this.


LARP Rules

GM Notes

Prop List

Italicized items also count as omens.

  • Adrenaline Shot - A syringe containing a strange, fluorescent liquid. (The older looking, the better.)
  • Amulet of the Ages - Ancient silver and inlaid gems, inscribed with blessings. (Looks a bit like an upside-down hand, and is on a chain.)
  • Angel Feather - (try to make this as pretty as possible.)
  • Armor - It's just prop armor from a Renaissance fair, but it's still metal. (Plastic set from Boston Costume?)
  • Axe - Very sharp. (A hand axe.)
  • Bell - A brass bell that makes a resonant clang.
  • Bite - (Less an item and more a star of damage.)
  • Blood Dagger - A nasty weapon. Needles and tubes extend from the handle . . . and plunge right into your veins. (This will likely need to be made.)
  • Book - A diary or lab notes? Ancient script ot modern ravings?
  • Bottle - An opaque vial containing a black liquid.
  • Candle - (Try to have a cylindrical one, half-used.)
  • Crystal Ball - (Probably best to be spooky and unbreakable.)
  • Dog - THIS IS AN NPC.
  • Druidic Charm - A small, handmade piece of jewelry. (Bracelet-sized might work.)
  • Dynamite - (Try to have as a soft item: plastic, cardboard, etc.)
  • Girl - THIS IS AN NPC.
  • Healing Salve - A sticky paste in a shallow bowl.
  • Holy Symbol - A symbol of calm in an unsettling world.
  • Lucky Stone - A smooth, ordinary-looking rock.
  • Madman - THIS IS AN NPC.
  • Mask - (See if you can find something somber but creepy.)
  • Medallion - A medallion inscribed with a pentragram.
  • Medical Kit - (Old style doctor's bag, mostly empty.)
  • Mystic Coin - (Coin has an eye on it, an X, etc.)
  • Puzzle Box - (Looks wooden. Even better if it can fit two items inside.)
  • Rabbit's Foot - (Looks like it's on that metal chain made of small balls.)
  • Revolver - An old, potent-looking weapon. (The old, squareish style with a spinning chamber.)
  • Ring - A battered ring with an incomprehensible inscription.
  • Rope - (Looks like normal rope, not synthetic.)
  • Skeleton Key - (Bonus points for one with an outline of a skull as the handle.)
  • Skull - A skull, cracked and missing teeth.
  • Smelling Salts - (A plastic / glass vial-like tube with a cork and the salts.)
  • Spear - A weapon pulsing with power.
  • Spirit Board - (see: Ouiji board.)
  • Toy Monkey - (Looks like one of those wind-up ones with the cymbals.)

Other Required Items

  • Several rolls of electrical tape.
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