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To declare combat, follow these instructions:

  • First, consider whether you actually want to be declaring combat. Combat is impolite, risky, and can easily lead to the death of your character.
  • Second, reconsider whether you want to declare combat. Seriously now. This game isn't about beating people up.
  • Third, derive your combat rating via the following simple formula: Your Base Combat Rating + RF
    • RF stands for Randomness Factor, which is designed to provide additional drama to the combat situation. RF is calculated via the following simple formula: (1d6 + 2d10) * TF * SF
      • TF stands for Timing Factor, so that even if your dice are rigged, you won't get the same results every time. TF is calculated via the following simple formula: Current Minute mod 7
      • SF stands for Security Factor, so that your randomness results can be cryptographically secure and therefore not manipulable by malicious GMs. SF is the sum of two large prime numbers.
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