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The Shadow Over Babylon

Al Araf has unleashed a level 2 bad, but can't control it.

There are 3 ancient sites, you need 1 to control level 1, 2 to control level 2, 3 to summon level 5 baddy.

Al Araf has called a meeting. They want to get another site in order to control it. They say that they will stop the attacks if they get that site.

Political maneuvering within government, funding, troops, positions in government, political support from US, political capitol w/in country.

Factions in official Iraqi government.

Factions can gain political capitol. The official government needs 1/2 the political capitol to continue being a government. If a faction has a plurality, they are nominally in charge. If a faction has a majority, they unite the country.

Moral quandary of sacrifice for political capitol if you have pact with Lovecraftian deity.

At the end of game, PCs can sacrifice selves to get it under control.

Military contractor Aegis should want money - pursuing the oil well.

Blackwater founded by a militant millennialist Christian. Has mythological reasons for being in Iraq. Need to summon the beast of Babylon to bring about the end of the world.

Both military contractors are convinced that the other leaked some shiny new military equipment to the insurgents.

The faction in the US government that knows about this thinks they are seeking alien artifacts.

Other insurgent group connected with a minor faction of Iraqi government. Invited themselves to visit their "leader".

Kurdish supporter undercover as someone else. Wants one small piece of land anywhere, and one point of political capitol.

One person who is a worshiper of Hastur and wants things to degrade into chaos.

A couple random love plots.

A low level baddy pretending to be a character.

A UN rep who wants to preserve the cultural artifacts in a museum.

Having actual physical relics in game. Sacrifice for power or rituals.

Politician who collects artifacts.

Insurgents peddling "phony" artifacts.

CDC wants a genetic sample from these strange creatures to analyze. If there is a bio weapon, must understand it. Sample from shoggoth for GM quick growing crops.

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