10 Bad LARPs: Extended Play

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240 minutes. Over 60 Live Action roleplaying games.

Oh my god, what was anyone thinking?

Possible Idea: Game split up into 4 or 5 thematic groups. Each one has a 5 minute break afterwards (with recorded music to go over the break - I'm thinking a series of 'How to' audio lessons: How to Speak <Blank> (which will consist of cursing in more and more bizzare languages), How to Cook (of course ending up with a discourse on making LSD), How to <something> and How to build (start off innocuously but get more and more bizzare))

Possible thematic groups (is thematic grouping a good idea):

  • Political Games
  • Sex Games
  • Emo\ART Games
  • Misc Games

Games to possibly cut:

  • Capital Hills After Hours - very dated. These political jokes are now largely based on 5+ year old scandals.
  • Price is Fright - Also kind of dated. Bob Barker doesn't even host TPIR anymore. Also, getting contingency envelopes set up right when this might come 2 hours into a very long slot is iffy.
  • Divus Ex: Elder Gods - Cookies still make a big mess.

--- Pre-Game: "How to LARP"

  • Shootout at the Mime Corral (interrupted like 30 seconds in with the GMs telling everyone to screw off and throwing toilet paper at them)
  • Rules Briefing

Round 1 - Political Games:

  • The Annunciation of Jack Chick
  • KKK Press Conference
  • Holocaust House
  • The War on Christmas
  • Airport Security
  • Naptime 9/11
  • Suicide Bomber Remedial Training
  • Minigames 1: Naptime: Bangkok, School Shooting, Abortion Clinic, Abu Gharib Play Party, The Big Red Button, Towers of Babel: The Aftermath

3 Minute Break: "How To Cook"

Round 2 - Drugs, Alcohol and the Emo kids that love them:

  • Drunkenness the LARP
  • D.A.R.E. Graduation
  • OCD Support Group
  • Welcome to Napa
  • Football: The Musical
  • Goth Songwriters Night
  • Performance Art Final Exam
  • Minigames 2: Poetic Style, 12 Angry Men with Chainsaws, Wookie Symposium, 4 Emo Kids in a Cage with Badgers

3 Minute Break: "How to Curse in Klingon"

Round 3 - Games That Parody Other Games:

  • Final Voyage of the Space Shuttle Challenger
  • Tech Support: The Calling
  • Amnesia: The LARP
  • Massive Crossover
  • Ops!
  • Iron GM: The LARP
  • All-Jesus LARP
  • Minigames: Psi-Killers, 15 Vests for 15 Steves, Zombies Vs Clowns, Time Travel LARP, 12 Players in Search of a LARP

3 Minute Break: "How to use the Kama Sutra"

Round 4: Games That Involve Sex

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