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From AE


  • Col. sebastian T. rawhide presents the nightmare before the slash not taken at miskatonic university on broadway
  • subatomic particle play party - top and bottom quarks, heisenberg observing
  • Jewish Enough For Hitler - the right of return game show. Hitler is the judge. If you win, you get Israeli citizenship. If you lose, you go to the gas chambers.
  • Nazi Party - party games include Concentration!
  • Shtetl Chainsaw Massacre
  • Prostitutes at McDonalds: this is why it's called Romald's PlayPlace. Also, why they call it the ball pit.
  • Desert Bus - a 10 minute game where people sit around and stare at the front of the bus without talking.


  • Purim: TMA
  • Apples and Bananas - players are in a crowd of thousands at a Rafi concert. Everyone other than players drops dead. Music plays on.
  • FEMA press conference - Katrina themed LARP?
  • Deja vu - everyone gets a character they played in one of the previous LARPs.
  • Human Pong / Breakout
  • Affirmative Action presidency (or Supreme Court) - mentally disabled child for education sec, labor is cripple, etc.
  • Rape for the Galaxy: The aliens are coming and humanity's only hope is to assemble the Giant Rape Machine. The parts for the machine are strewn around the game in widget-hunt fashion.
  • The Other Other Other Other Other Other Other Other Other Other Other Other All-Batman - all are either Martha Stuart or Jesus hiding as Batman.
  • The Obvious Delivery Room Joke - not so obvious
  • Release From Gitmo - out of date?
  • The Fluffiest Pagan Pageant
  • Open Mic Night - Post-Industrial Music Circle for the deaf, etc.
  • Zombie Bawdy House (Play Voltaire's Zombie Prostitute) -
  • Pyromaniacs Anonymous set in a forest in California in summer
  • Horde game of our recurring characters
  • Pass the toilet paper: toilet paper smeared with chocolate sauce, food spiked at some sort of event.

From Foam Brain

  • Are You Afraid of the Dark? (this one might not work without toilet paper unfortunately - Andrew)
  • The All-Cat game (where everyone is a cat who thinks everyone else is secretly something in disguise as a cat)
  • The identical briefcase game
  • 10 Bad LARPs in 1 Bad Minute: ATIRY Edition - 6 second bad rape jokes, the name of each of which is a parody of another game\style of game. A bunch of these came up at IMA i think (The Morning After I Raped You, Operation: Rape, Miskatonic Class Orgy, The Final Voyage of the USS Fuckfest, Lullaby of Rape, etc...)
  • (As the final 1 minute game) Star Trek: Infinite Recursion. Everyone is a different recursion of a starfleet captain (maybe Nat Budin or something?), gone through another recursion, so: (sheet 1) You are Captain Budin. You think a Star Trek LARP at the end of 10BL would be a great idea. (sheet 2) You are Captain Budin. You have realized a Star Trek LARP would get bad LARPers, so you've come back to stop yourself from adding one. Last Time - You are Captain Budin. You think a Star Trek LARP at the end of 10BL would be a great idea. and so on, so the 12th sheet is really long and contains every other sheet, etc. Hopefully someone kills Budin #1 and 10BL ends with a GM announcement of "I'm sorry, but this game, along with all other 10BLs, has ceased to exist." and then the GM walks off.

From Nyren

  • "Sex: A Boffer LARP" (with props)
  • (From Nyren and Holly) "Random Junk Found in the GM's House" - The GMs would bring literally random junk that's lying around their house, especially weird things that they have no use for but figured would be useful as a prop sometime in the future. Like my chair legs and gigantic remote control. The players are all(?) secretly McGuyver, and each is trying to solve a different problem, which they must use the random junk for.

From Adina

  • All ideas have been used! Congratulations Adina!*

Jesse Cox

  • Vampire Bulimia - support group, binge and purge
  • The Morning After - Just the morning following a big party with everyone waking up hung over in the house.
  • Slavers of Cataan - I'll squish 3 Asians into a Negro, I have the longest . . . road.
  • 9/2011 - Barack Obama is actually a Muslim trying to destroy the US.
  • The actual Mormon story - Jesus comes over to the Americas and lands on a cannibal isle. He says "Eat of this bread for it is my flesh" cannibals say "ok".
  • Muppet pornography - you are a bunch of muppets stuck in a porn studio and can't escape until you make a good porno, Kermit has the note "whatever you do, don't wind up in a scene with Miss Piggy"
    • Reconsider: Using Sesame Street.
  • Where's Waldo Witch-hunt - You have all been searching for Waldo, one of you may be Waldo. Rampant accusations and lynchings. Waldo may think that it will be fun to be found if it's a challenge. Then we can all have cake!

From Other People

  • Metamnesia: The amnesia game where the authors forgot that they were writing a game! Instead of character sheets, players get... the author's grocery list?
  • Schoolhouse Rock: The LARP by Diana Hsu - I have no more information
    • Whorehouse Rock?: The sex-ed edition of Schoolhouse Rock
  • Flat Earth Society Scientific Expedition: Per http://usernamenumber.livejournal.com/158993.html, the Flat Earth Society really does have warring factions with different views. To settle this once and for all, the Society funds a scientific expedition to the edge of the Earth with representatives from all the different groups present. Many characters want to shove their competitors off the edge of the Earth. Depending on which flat Earth hypothesis the character believes on, they use a different shoving-off-the-edge-of-the-Earth mechanic.

Sami Genstein

  • Strippers on a Bus (note: misheard this while at BSCF)
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